Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Decision Day

Folks, I need a favor today and I know this isn’t much of a post especially considering how little Key West content this Diary has had lately...Forgive me but my mind is much taken by an appointment I have this afternoon with Dr Quinnan. He’s the surgeon who rather expertly repaired my ravaged pelvis and who will decide today if I can put weight on my legs.

If he says I can chances are the insurance will let me stay here to continue getting first rate therapy. If my pelvis still can’t support my weight in any measurable degree I go home for in home care which as lovely as it would be to see the Keys is not so great as a treatment plan. 

You have been so kind and thoughtful in your comments I am embarrassed to ask for more but continuing on in rehab means a lot so I thought to ask any of you who feel like it to invoke any practice you believe in, prayer, thoughts, visualization or warm fuzzies to side with my best outcome and a positive report from the surgeon. I thank you in advance.

If I get an unfavorable report and have to go home it will simply be a new challenge. Friends stand ready to come and spend time supervising me and the Key West Police Department is being amazing supporting me in my difficulties. Best employers ever. It makes me emotional to see how they are helping me with post rehab accommodations. Volunteers have installed a donated chair lift at my house and the department donation fund for just such cases as this is standing by in case I do go home to put me up in a wheelchair accessible apartment in the city. Thus if I need help I call my friends at 911...Stress relief is uncanny knowing volunteers have my back.

I have learned so much in this medical process about myself, my online friends, my physical friends and the community in which I live. I know now not to be afraid of hospitals or sickness and to appreciate the caregivers in an uncaring insurance driven medical system. This whole ghastly experience showed me I have more resilience than I imagined and also how lucky my family is to live in the Keys where there is more support than I ever realized. I also know the value of joy, and sharing it and being open and authentic. Lessons hard learned for a shy introvert like me. 

Bless you all and thank you for making this lonely expedition to the outer reaches easier.