Saturday, March 16, 2019

Sugarloaf KOA

I have  heard that the campground on Sugarloaf Key may not be coming back after Hurricane Irma wrecked the place.  I've never stayed there but I have heard from customers who loved it.
It's not surprising either as they had spacious shady lots and access to the water along with a  marina with all facilities. I had friends staying there and the place was clean as new pin when I went to viist them with a bunch of really friendly people. 
So I guess the rumor I heard that a hotel may be in the works would be bad news for campers who wanted  a nice space just 20 miles from Key West. On the other hand if a hotel really were in the works there are I'm sure plenty of people who could be persuaded to stay there or work there.
There is still plenty of construction underway around the Keys as slow moving insurance money gets paid out and this year we seem to have a pretty strong Spring Break as I see lots of traffic and many more calls for service at work at  night. And one of them are staying here, eighteen months after the hurricane.
 I walk by and it breaks my heart to see the place so torn up still.
 If you do check the website you will find essentially a static page promising information at some future date but rebuilding seems a rather hopeful term that is not reflected on the ground.
 It is a fantastic location but home now to security guards and open space.
 That much relied on mark used by travelers across the country:
 I caught Rusty in an odd moment crouching in the shade. It was hot!
 Later we stopped out on the highway to get the photo of the billboard and I took a look at the road and the clouds and usually this time of year campground residents would be out walking biking and fishing but there was nobody there.
All the more peace ad quiet for Rusty and I.  Here's hoping the campground comes back as it was  and Hurricane Irma  is allowed to fade from memory.