Thursday, November 5, 2015

415 Grinnell Street

I've heard it said of other towns that it's impossible to figure how there can be empty lots where real estate is so outrageously expensive but this hole in Old Town is soon to be filled.
This is a pretty neighborhood block wedged between the Key West Bight (known to tourists as the historic seaport or some such) and Eaton Street, lined with trees not yet massacred by the city tree commission.
The other houses on the street are pretty enough. I mean to say they are not noticeably prettier than other streets in this part of town, but they are what you would expect to see if you were strolling Old Town seeking out pristine Key West beauty. 
And now we face the fly in the ointment. According to the Keep Old Town Old (KOTO) page on Facebook the fine folks at the Historic Architecture Review Commission think this carbuncle fits in perfectly with the rest of the block. How did they reach this unfortunate conclusion? Beats  me.
Soon this odd collection of fences and gates will disappear and  be replaced by the ticky tacky box shown above on the right. 
 There is a death wish in this town for anything beautiful, or restrained or worthy. Perhaps I exaggerate but on my gad days I wonder how Key West has survived this long.
The vandals are definitely at the gates and the new city commissioners look as disconnected as the people they replaced.