Friday, October 6, 2017

Boca Chica Beach Then And Now

I have been trying to reintroduce Rusty to normal activities after his long road trip as an evacuee.
Boca Chica Beach was a favorite.
The trees were shredded by Irma but Rusty didn't care and that's part of the pleasure of a dog walk.
The other part of the pleasure is being in Nature though that is curtailed these days.
Before the storm it was  a pleasant shady place to sit looking out at the ocean:
Nowadays the view over the Straits is  from a bench created from driftwood.
And the Navy fence is frequently not there.

I preferred it when it was green and flourishing.
Rusty was just fine with it all torn up
Spotted something out of the corner of his eye in mid bound:
Cheyenne in her younger days when I first got her enjoyed the paved walk along what used to be State Highway 4:
The road now is a bit different covered in sand and seaweed:
A year ago it looked like this:
Rusty went for a stroll on Navy property and even though he came running when I called a patrol vehicle showed up behind the parking lot while I was watering him and I don't believe in coincidences.
The beach with its huge shade trees and winding coastal path.
    I know it will grow back but the land is gone, the tide is encroaching and I doubt I will still be around then this lot returns to looking as it did.
Which I liked a lot. And even though the collection of twigs built into a structure still seemed to be there it was out of reach for a proper inspection.
And I know it was a refuge for nudists and al fresco gay sexual encounters but they never bothered me and the walk was always worthwhile. 
This picture put me in mind of a lakeside dock in winter Up North. 
This is what it really ought to look like:
May it all grow back soon. Before I'm dead maybe.