Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Heron Business Center

My wife asked me to go with her to the foot doctor on North Roosevelt Boulevard, owing to a lump on her foot that was causing her pain and she was worried what the doctor might find. I was worried about figuring out where it was but, in typical Key West fashion she gave me a landmark rather than an address. "It's behind the yellow Lions Club building," she said. And so it was, whose street address is formally known as 2405 North Roosevelt Boulevard.Naturally I arrived early and with time on my hands pulled out the camera. The Bonneville was looking good in the sun:Hum-de-dum-de-dum,I thought, a bit like Pooh Bear as i stumped around wondering if there might not be honey lurking behind that weird looking porch. And by gum, there it was, a huge undiscovered hunny pot:Across the walkway I found a business center I had not previously known existed. It was almost a houseboat stuck out on the water on pilings: Across the lagoon I recognized a couple of landmarks. Behind the palm tree I could just barely see the Checkers fast food sign on the Boulevard:And a little further away I could see the dilapidated gate that used to lead to the dolphin aquarium exhibit thing that used to face onto the Boulevard but has been long gone lo these many years:This was all I could find to identify the building:So the street address suddenly popped out at me, but I'd never heard of The Heron before. So I tried to ignore the rather unfriendly No Trespassing sign and snapped a few pictures of a maritime flavor:
And me being me I had to wonder who designed a fire sprinkler to be located over open water:All in all, mysteries left intact it was a most instructive seven minutes. My wife soon called and I had to trot off to amuse myself watching my wife's nodule get sonogrammed and pierced with a large syringe. While we waited for the doctor I found this brazen hussy in the waiting room:All naked and everything she was, which put me in mind of a story that has done the rounds recently in the newspaper. It seems someone had called out the emergency services following the discovery of a corpse in a wreck off Archer key, to the west of Key West. closer investigation showed it was a skeleton wired to the seat of a sunken power boat tat closely resembled the display model I found at the doctor's office. It was speculated to have been an early April Fool joke.