Thursday, July 24, 2014

Florida Mountains

The great Florida wildlife photographer Clyde Butcher coined the term Florida Mountains to describe the extraordinary piles of moisture that build up over the Sunshine State, particularly in summer. Every rainy season I plan to snag some pictures of these great fluffy masses overhead. This week for whatever reason I got a few that I liked. This first one was crossing the Niles Channel Bridge, forty feet up, from the car which I paused briefly to get what I could of the extraordinary light at 6:30 in the morning.

Cheyenne was ready for her morning walk and was running around on the deck (she has her own dog for to come and go as she pleases) when she heard the motorcycle pull up. We started by going to the pool on a Ramrod Key. She got busy walking and sniffing. I looked aloft.










Cheyenne spent the first two days home from the three week road trip sleeping. It's hot and humid this year, especially so it seems compared to years past so for the Labrador it is rather a lot to take on, especially considering she just spent three delightful weeks in winters conditions in New England, and in the fresh air of the Blue Ridge mountains. She tackles everything with a will, she has years of confinement to make up.