Friday, December 14, 2018


I'm proud to say this upstanding gent and his equally suave dog was mistaken for me and my hound. The likeness is a bit shocking however Rusty would never ride in a trailer like this. Modern conveniences passed Rusty by in his life as a stray and he seems unlikely to recover. A vacuum cleaner will never be in his comfort zone.
This one looks fierce but he brought me the ball to play not to be mean. We talked broken bones a bit, his owner and I not the dog, ad I rolled on in my electric scooter. The dog ended up not saying a word.
White Street filtered to look different. It's a cheap shot sitting with your back to the pier and looking up the other street that crosses the island.
 The pier itself is always good for a picture or two:
The joke, which has worn rather thin, is that the pier is the stump of the old bridge to Havana. 
I haven't posted iguana pictures in a while so here is one large beast that got a visitor all wobbly with excitement. He walked past me eager to point out a "big orange lizard just up there!' when he saw my camera.
I don't hate them anymore now I don't have plants they can molest. When I lived on Ramrod Key they destroyed every vegetable and flower I grew. My Labrador Cheyenne was useless but Rusty is merciless if they come within range.    
And here's a picture of a Ford Mustang. Even I, automobile illiterate that I am know a Mustang when I see one. Seen at Bill Butler park.
Key West is looking good this winter. Especially now that I am allowed to drive and am learning to walk with both legs!