Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Lunch In Marathon

I had lunch with Webb Chiles yesterday and we had a good old natter, the mesomorph and endomorph sitting at a table in the sun together. Rusty was perfectly behaved coiled up at my feet watching the other people having lunch. Webb thinks Rusty won the lottery when I found him; I think it may be the other way round.

Check his (Webb's not Rusty's)  Amazon page - he says his life's work is art and he may be right but to someone stuck in an office it's high adventure too and eminently readable.
Webb's boat, the diminutive Gannet is docked in Marathon after surviving Hurricane Irma while propped up on land and is now ready to take off as soon as strong winds shift and seas calm down a bit. As he is busy completing his sixth circumnavigation I am not at all sure when I shall see him next but I will follow his progress on Gannet's satellite plotter on Webb's own page: inthepreseantsea 

My first attempt at lunch went badly. We drove to Key Colony Beach to sit on the water at Sparky's Landing. We found the classic hole in the ground on our second pass looking for the place. I never thought to check ahead; this place is an institution. 
Gone...I didn't come here often, maybe once or twice a year but I liked Sparky's with outside dog friendly seating, also overlooking the water with  a simple fresh fish and sandwiches menu. 
So I deployed the back up plan and we went to Burdines, the other "overlooking the water" restaurant that I like. This is a picture, below, from a previous visit with Rusty (and not Webb):
We got to see a few boats come and go, as the hostess, a part time resident told us about the downstairs damage caused by the hurricane and we ordered our sandwiches. I took this picture below, ten years ago and while the personnel has all changed the place itself has stayed the same through hurricanes and floods:
I want to go back and comb through Marathon a  bit more. The city is running okay but there is still clean up underway, and a new Marathon is coming out of the Hurricane Irma fiasco. Including I was surprised to see, a Courtyard by Marriott hotel. Marathon maybe transitioning from Keys fishing village to chain store stop on the Overseas Highway.