Monday, April 22, 2019

Eating Out

Friday was, to put it bluntly and eating out day. I went to my second Broga class of the week at which I exercised in far better shape than I had any right to expect, and with a swift change of shirt I presented myself on Stock Island for a Mexican lunch.
Nick comes here every week but he was nothing loathe when I suggested a lunch together at Chico's so we sat and ordered chile relleno for two and he told me about the classic car auction he went to see in Palm Beach.
I splurged when he wasn't looking and though he pretended not to care he made sure he speared his half of the very full plate of sopapillas Mexican doughnuts covered in sugar and offered with a  honey butter sauce. 
I went home and worked off lunch by taking Rusty on a  walk with my neighbor's little girl. Roxie is helpful because she makes Rusty jealous plus she deserves a decent walk as often as I can sneak her away. 
By dusk I girded up my loins and prepared to attack a new eatery at the Sugarloaf Lodge. The old fashioned style motel at Mile Marker 18 has had a variety of eateries in the restaurant but this time they seem to be onto a winner. It goes by the laborious name of South of The Seven and the decor celebrates the fishing lifestyle of our "region" in the Lower Keys.
They do have  a busy Facebook page where they celebrate the local art they have used to create lively and local decorations for the restaurant and bar:

For our own dinner we had Korean barbecue and fried cheese for appetizers and we four tore into them. I guess that means they were good....
I ordered pork tenderloin wrapped in bacon with mashed potatoes and roast sweet potatoes. Hit the spot for meat and veg:
Layne and Wayne (!) got the shrimp and grits which came with tomato sausage and sausage, weird but good:
And to maintain the theme of the indulgent day we shared  blackberry and blueberry crumble and chocolate cake:
In talking about the new place we figured it is looking like it might well be a success. Why places get popular I couldn't say...Fish up the road is not crazily popular but is still open while Bella Luna on Cudjoe five miles away has closed. 
Wayne and Chuck enjoyed the meal as much as we did. There were lots of people too who seemed to enjoy the full bar and restaurant. Bodes well in this unpredictable restaurant market.