Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Wishes and Fishes

I hate the new Seven Fish building on Truman. A friend ate there and described an experience akin to dining in the Hall of the Mountain King with noise reverberating around the room. I miss the intimate old Seven Fish on Olivia, now a boarded up empty building.
I find sometimes a successful restaurant can overdo the expansion and even  though I have no desire to eat in an airport waiting lounge Seven Fish has always been a good place to go if you could get a table.
The problem of seating availability is solved, but at what price? I guess efficiency trumps charm in our modern world.
The old Seven Fish was the modest  white building behind my motorcycle in the picture above. I wish they could have moved into a building more in keeping with the Old Town style with lots of room to work but a design that looked less garish, less suited to Miami Beach. 
Life is like that, things are going well and sometimes we make changes that derail our plans and a derailed plan can set our teeth on edge. I wish them well and I am sure the cooking will be up to their usual high standards but I liked the small intimate space that must have been inconvenient to work in. In a town where everyone knows everything and nothing is off the beaten path, Seven Fish was. Now it's not.