Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Mallory Square

I parked at Mallory Square and there was the cruise ship, so I knew the top end of Duval ("Lower Duval" in upside down local speak) would be crowded with pedestrians. Another hot lovely day.
There's more than one way to get around:
And they do jet ski tours  too.

I frequently make the point that you should only park where you know its legal and not do like locals do. They may very well have special permission:
Not as crowded as i expected but I do like the fresh coat of paint and bright colors replacing the moldy old wooden scruffy businesses on the street that greets the cruise ship passengers when they step into town. It looks smart and fresh right now. Amazing.
Rusty likes the occasional city stroll even though he prefers mangrove trails.
Key West free range chickens are a source of fascination:
I hope by September I will be able to throw this permit away. Some days I feel like I could toss it out now, other days the ability to park close really helps on a  bad leg day. 
Time to go home:
Key West looks good doesn't it? This is Whitehead Street looking south as I drove out of Clinton Square.
I stopped at Publix, the "new Publix" in Key Plaza on my way home and i saw the ridiculously made up van zipping past the supermarket. For some reason it looked odd doing a shopping run.
Really it looks weird whichever way you see it around town: