Thursday, March 19, 2009

Angela Street

One can only go so long without taking a little cruise through The Meadows. This would be my favorite neighborhood in Key West,where I would prefer to live if I were forced by an uncaring Fate to take up residence in the city itself. I quite like this house too, but because it's "quite nice" it was offered for a fortune the last time it was for sale:The really suave thing about this house, aside from the OSP (off street parking) is that on the other side it faces Gonzalez Lane, a lane so uninteresting and short even I cannot create an essay to describe it. One photograph will suffice:The nice thing about this section of Angela Street is the assortment of greenery:And all along the north side of Angela is the black iron fence protecting the Navy housing which used to be open space years ago until the navy reclaimed it. In yesterday's essay I mentioned the movie Criss Cross, and so it is today as the old Peary Court was the back drop to a night time baseball game played in the movie. These days Peary Court is just another housing development, where people apparently ride motorcycles:And raise children:Outside Peary Court, back on Angela Street there is the usual mixture of housing,usual for Key West that is:This next house used to be surrounded by a high wall of greenery, some sort of flourishing vine but it has been stripped away and the air of mystery that used to surround this place has been ripped away with it. Oh well:Amazingly enough I saw the two jet skies on their trailer with a sapling growing up between them. Inertia on a grand scale.And talking of stripping away the old Moose Lodge on Eisenhower at Angela has started a renovation campaign, with paint and yard work and new signs proclaiming this to be a family friendly club. Which is weird because all it ever was, was a place to drink in the dark. They used to have a big mural of a moose on the wall but that too is gone:Leaving a bland facade in it's place. You can spice up almost anything with a Triumph Bonneville:Another lovely sunny day in Key West, hot but not yet humid.