Thursday, April 7, 2011

Walking And Thinking

I don't use a drier at my own home. I bought some line and strung it up under my house and let the clothes swing in the breeze. Our drier died a couple of years after Hurricane Wilma sent it briefly under water and we decided we had better ways to save 500 dollars than buy another such machine. My clothes don't look picturesque like this but......I have found that air drying clothes makes them feel less stiff and it doesn't shrink them and they seem to last longer if they aren't tossed around in hot air in a flailing metal drum. Odd, that how the natural way works best. Plus we evade the corporate consumerism thing of buying more stuff all the time. Looking at this doorway below, I rather wondered why the occupants of Unit 2 were forced to bend double to get their mail- the last arrivals to the communal house perhaps? Seniority might just offer the easiest and most convenient mail box. Or possibly the occupants of unit two are the most limber in the house. We strolled past the newly re-opened Frances Street gate to the cemetery. After months of furious debate the city commisison intervened and required the gate be left open by day for pedestrians and cyclists, and the irate sexton is only permitted to close it for funerals.The sexton had unilaterlally closed the gate permanently saying inconsiderate people had been using it's easy access to disrupt funerals. The city's open arms approach to the tourist economy is not quite so open when it comes to respecting the dead. But even here it is a struggle to imbue people with that respect and it isn't always visitors either, not by a long chalk that don't mind how they behave in public. Perhaps this little tussle over the gate will remind people of thatneed for public probity. Looking up another Key West skyline:Another red flower, Key West is full of them. Some time ago Chuck on Fleming, currently working at being an engineer overseas, told me modern cars have a limited lifespan by design. He set me to thinking about how annoying it is that all those plastic components are designed to self immolate after a decade or so. Older cars he said don't have that kind of planned obsolescence. I rather fancied this convertible Cadillac for my wife, not that such a magnificent machine is for sale or anything. Besides we drive rather a lot to be living with single digit gas mileage...Look at this next sky picture. Key West is far too lovely. I enjoy seeing heaps of bicycles round town. Nowhere in North America do you see basic transportation piled up in daily use like this. This fish stand has survived and apparently flourished, as improbable as that seems. Some businesses do really well, others come and go. This one gives a splash of color at Truman and White.
Art Alert: I was playing with the camera while Cheyenne sniffed and I came up with this picture of a pink Jeep's hood. It would match my Crocs.
Another picture of daily transportation, this time attached to one of the cuter bike racks around town. A dental office has a tooth bike rack in New Town.Cheyenne and I strolled past this sign on Truman offering rental and sales services. Imagine my ironic delight when I noticed their own building was for sale! I suppose from time to time this sort of thing happens but it was a first for me.Florida's cretinous governor is now promoting a new state law that would allow anyone to rent their homes for any unregulated length of time, overriding limitations like those imposed by Key West and Monroe County. The county allows no short term rentals (less than 28 days) and Key West only allows some to properly licensed homes. The idea is not to allow neighborhoods to become unlivable and overrun by party harty central. The Governor wants to overturn that sensible rule and his shills say it will help break the monopoly of the tourist industry. Weird but true.I prefer my dogs live rather than turned to stone. It is interesting to me that recently Key West has been noted in the newspaper as being the object of a craigslist scam wherein people have been advertising private homes at non existent adresses for vacation rentals. Guess what? The cheapskate renters lost their deposits! Use reputable known rental companies to do it right. It seems obvious to me but not to our Governor, the man who ran the corporation with the biggest fraud conviction in corporate US history. And a majority of my neighbors thought that was an excellent resume on which to elect him to run the state. Little wonder I prefer dogs to people.I think I also prefer facing the wedge of traffic on Truman on a motor bike rather than a pedal bike. If I were cycling I'd avoid the main street into town and take a side street, Catherine to the south or Petronia to the north...there is no bike path here on Truman and the sidewalks are awkward with numerous decorative lamp poles (in Florida bicycles yield to pedestrians on sidewalks).It is amazing how much traffic there still is in Key West this spring. I have been reading about snow storms still peppering the north. That sort of news keeps people down here, for a little while longer at least.