Monday, September 18, 2017

Downtown After

Simonton Beach, a sailboat dragged up and part of another. In the background you can see boats on the beach at Sunset Key. Piss off the rich people with any luck.
The parking lot is a trash dump. Too much garbage too little time...
 Check it out:
 A food delivery. Nothing is open yet. Nothing.
 It's in the water too.
 Airing out Alonzo's which lost its A in the sign above.
 The marinas around Key West are looking pretty good on the whole, the boats that stayed seemed to have mostly done okay.
 The Galleon is still there:

 The bg tourist bars are buttoned up tight. No food or drink for locals, no jobs no nothing and these places make a fortune milking Key West:

 The tree ate Willie T's, the most damage of any on Duval and it doesn't appear fatal.
Overall not much structural damage in Old Town .