Monday, February 1, 2016

Monday Light

It's been a real winter in Key West but we still get our bursts of sunshine. Margaret Street looking brilliant:
It wasn't even 80 degrees but it looked lovely:
Lovely except for the cretin from Maryland who has apparently no clue what a yellow stripe means. Parking problems drive residents mad in a town where garages are always converted into spare bedrooms and driveways become gardens. It rates as gross bad manners to flaunt local parking laws. The newspaper burns up with the flames of parking of wars in it's pages. Plus this dolt is overhanging the scooter parking.
Pay the Earth for a house and get a tree growing into your roof:
Wot? No parking on a corner. Really? Bloody fascists. I told you finding parking space is a problem, and people do crazy things in order to dump their vehicles somewhere, anywhere.
Splendid Key West architecture:
A person owned bya  cat with a sense of humor. That or an excessive sense of itself, even for a cat:
All shadows and light in Key West. Not to be taken too seriously.