Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Oops! Vespa Down

My wife sent me an e-mail this afternoon "Fell off the Vespa. Not hurt." Apparently she was turning in gravel at one mile per hour and did the classic that we have all done and flopped the scooter over the front wheel, which slid out on the pebbles. She said she had the bike back up before she knew it and was dusting off her undamaged clothes and bruised ego before anyone noticed at her work.

The ET4 suffered no damage but my wife is at home nursing a couple of bruises and a graze on her leg. I asked her how she was doing and she texted: "Sore. Badge of honor."

She's right, and now she's dropped the scooter after 7,000 miles of riding I am a lot less worried about her commuting to her new work site next school year, ten miles up the Overseas Highway. She showed the same determination when she got her motorcycle licence and she has earned the right to ride the 150cc Vespa wherever she pleases.

1200 Royal

I do not let my Bonneville tires get this smooth. Certainly not the front one whatever you do. But most likely the bike gets little use so anything goes.

So many people own motorcycles and rarely ride them. I am amazed by all the blogs that talk motorcycles, accessorizing them, selling them and "upgrading" yet so many people ride so few miles. The used market is packed with low mileage toys, and I think it's a shame. Modern motorcycles are great tools to reduce congestion and travel with fun but there is always an excuse it seems, to not ride. A bald tire would be a good reason! Rain is not a good reason, nor is darkness. The more you ride the more skillful you become. Parking a motorcycle doesn't make you a rider.

This is the post snowbird season when winter residents leave behind well buttoned up homes.

Hurricane season starts now and runs through November when the snowbirds will start to think about coming back.

Until then their homes are battened down against the chance of hundred mile an hour winds.

Summer is also a good time to sit outdoors in the shade and enjoy sudden squalls of wind and dramatic rains.

Drama aplenty when a street cat spots a big yellow Labrador stumping down the sidewalk.

There she is ignoring the frightened feline.

It seems a shame so many conch cottages go unused all summer long.

Key West is at it's best right now, not many residents and not many vacationers and everyone gets to relax a little until school gets out and families flood into town for summer fun.

Bright sunshine and bright reflective white paint.

Pretty hot for an old dg in fur coat.

This is the time of year when even indifferent dog owners need to pay attention to their companions' needs. I let Cheyenne lay down and rest anytime she needs to. Slow and steady keeps her happy.

Bicycles own the roads when the cars are away.

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