Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Petronia Street

Petronia Street is where Bahama Village is centered for visitors to Key West.  At Duval Street you pass under that famous arch, which is sure to make you feel special...
...seen here over the windshield of my Bonneville, and you are wandering past some of the nicest restaurants in Key West, all worth a try and you get to see the other side of the tourist town, a place where people live and make do.
There is gentrification going on of course but Key West prides itself on a  cohesive and active African-American community.
Architecture is varied and don't be surprised to see iron bars on the windows. It used to be that drug dealers came to Key West from Miami and plagued the neighborhood. I am no judge of these things except that I work nights dispatching the police and Bahama Village has changed a lot over the past decade. I walk around here day and night and from my outsider's perspective it's just a neighborhood these days not a sales battleground of people sidling up to you and asking if you were okay. These days I see none of that. 
I don't know where the players went but they left behind their scrambled domino tiles.
Outside Johnson's Grocery ("Coldest Beer in Key West") another of these public displays of poetry:
My problem is I usually walk around looking up because I never know what I'll be missing but all too often the intrigue is underfoot:
All manner of public art. This is my favorite mural in Key West:
Wooden homes:
Petronia Street, narrow and full of things to see: