Sunday, June 17, 2012

Strange Advertising

It's the time of year when local businesses seek local customers, their way of filling the gap left by the snowbirds and their expansive tastes. In order to keep busy during summer there are all sorts of special offers available if you have local ID and know where to look.

The newspaper boosts advertising with a special half page restaurant box, where members of the chamber of commerce can encourage under paid private sector workers to splurge on a meal out in low season. I was quite surprised to see one local eatery spending money on advertising. This is, I believe, a first:

The Greek Euro meltdown has yet to be felt on Main Street,U.S.A, and in an election year we are told things are just peachy. When Five Brothers feels the need to advertise for customers I wonder just how peachy things really are.

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Motorcycle And Chicken

I came back to the Bonneville and found a rooster nesting in the grass staring at my motorcycle, half daring it to run him down. The Bonnneville like my dog ignores wildlife. Good motorbike.

The chicken ran when I strolled up. Smart rooster.

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Rest Beach

Messing with signs is a local sport:

I actually pulled over, parked the motorcycle and walked back to take this picture. Some people are too inventive for their own good.

This guy was sitting there eating a piece of fruit looking quite morose.

Perhaps the view was inadequate. More likely he is alone and unloved and wondering what life is about.

I lime watching the shore birds.

No one messed with this sign. Leave the sea oats alone! Without vegetation the dune collapses and the ocean marches up to Atlantic Avenue which is good for no one.

This is my favorite spot at Rest Beach. Come here with a con leché and think about the meaning of life.

Low tide exposes a really huge expanse of seaweed and rock. These aren't the fabulous Florida beaches some visitors expect to find in the Keys. I like the view.

Jet skis bug some people but the comments have died down in the paper so I expect it was some snow bird who is now safely tucked up in the plains states somewhere and will forget these irritations until next winter.

Back and forth they go.

I wondered what the barge was off Smathers Beach. Later I rode by and discovered it was some sort of water slide

Not like anywhere else in Florida, these Keys.

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