Sunday, October 3, 2010

Circling Caroline

I was intrigued by the lateral thinking on this attachment for a hurricane fence on Stump Lane.Then, as I trailed my dog, I noticed similar improvisation at a home apparently not occupied and locked up tight. No Parking where chains and locks protect the empty space. The garage door behind it was also secured with a metal pipe locked and bolted.Further up the lane I spotted a fine pedestal for a modest mailbox. Walking the streets of Key West with a camera (and a dog) has that effect on me. I keep seeing things that tickle my fancy, things that give me pause. And out comes the camera. This next sign in the Cuban Joe's marine hardware store looked like it was addressed to boats rather than cars, after the recent downpours.This is an area prone to flooding along Caroline Street. The ticket machine sign wasn't very accurate as there were two working machines, not 25 yards away across the parking lot. Nowadays the city lot is unstaffed and the barrier is gone. The idea is to park and buy a ticket and run the risk of getting a parking fine if you fail to so do.I noticed this apparent liveaboard boater wheeling his laundry back to the dinghy dock.Romantic notions of living at anchor could be dispelled by the realization that doing laundry in steamy heat and rainy conditions takes quite a bit of effort. or you could just smell the lavender.The Art Bar doesn't look like it's being remodeled. It just looks closed.
The New Market has been around for ever formerly known as Maun's, one more of those inconvenience stores that litter the landscape across Key West. This lot need to brush up on the spelling of medicene. What"all kinds of energy" means I'm not sure I want to know.
The big cement block of the Park and Ride garage at Grinnell looks out of place in Key West.
But it is home to a few geckos.

And what I think was a dead toad. I kicked it away with my foot but not before she had nibbled enough to make her throw up copiously a short while later. I enjoyed scraping that off the sidewalk with a plastic bag, but I did not have the presence of mind to photograph it...

A motorcycle, a banana tree and the open road. Or street at any rate.
Harpoon Harry's on Caroline Street looking toward Duval Street. I used to like the restaurant a lot but televisions hanging on the walls spoiled the place for me.
This venerable place services my water pumps and I am now worrying what will happen when they go. A coin phone.
I wonder how long they will be around.