Friday, January 5, 2018

Breaking Down

I went home early last night. We are short staffed at work so I went in feeling under the weather and stayed long enough to give my colleagues breaks and help them through the early part of the night, these days the busiest part of the twelve hour shift. At midnight I left the office aching all over and exhausted only to find my car was locked tight and the door code - a brilliant Ford innovation - wasn't working. I had left the key in the ignition and the ignition wa son flattening the battery till there was zero energy left in the thing. Not even the door lock would work. Like so many people I felt like crying to 911 but I manned up and called a wrecker. My wife was volunteering to bring me a key, a 30 minute drive in sub arctic  conditions, windy and 55F, but I heroically declined.
Bubba showed up laughing at me. He and I talk on the phone most nights when he tows vehicles blocking private property, as the police department is required to check them to make sure they aren't reported stolen. This was the first time we met face to face. He laughed like a drain at my predicament. Then he released me and started my car in less than 30 minutes from phone call to me driving out of the police station. What a tool I felt! Clearly not myself with this damned cold...
In good news when I left home around ten o'clock to show Rusty a good time the last of the garbage, what used to be hurricane debris was being picked up in my neighborhood and the curb was being swept clean. It actually felt really good. An hour later I was driving back and marveling at how nice a street looks without trash everywhere. I had forgotten. Then I slept the rest of the day. Tonight I took the ignition key up to work with me to avoid mishaps.