Monday, July 13, 2015

Uber Banned

I took a step back and had to remind myself not everywhere has  pink cabs. Key West dies, for now. The city has passed  a law outlawing Uber taxis. They have been seen around town in increasing numbers lately and the regular cab companies, Yellow, Key Lime and Five Sixes (the pink ones) have been callimng for an end to the Uber phenomenon in town. The city is trying to comply. 
Personally I doubt the march of technology can be stopped, after all the past decade has seen shopping radically altered by these same techniques and doubtless drone deliveries are coming soon to a metropolis near you. So I don't think one small town in the sub-tropics is going to stop the march of Uer.
The thing is people will do almost anything to save money and Uber is far cheaper than a regular cab, so it seems to me the revolution is assured. Its just a  matter of time which will allow everyone to get used to the change and I expect soon cabs will be gone, like bookstores and VHS  video tapes.
Flags  are changing in this country at  last. This nonsense is on the way out, at least from public buildings and the homes of the more thoughtful among us...
...and these flags ar eon the way in.  I don't have much inclination for either flag but I'm glad gays are getting their civil rights. I wonder how Canada managed this feat  a decade ago and gay marriage up there hasn't stirred much animosity at all. Perhaps they are all stoned smoking legal weed or enjoying free health care, which relaxes them.
The stories I read about people  invoking their religious obligations as a way to avoid issuing marriage licenses makes me wonder what sort of religion they belong to. The Bible says a good Christian renders unto Caesar that which is Caesar's, and yet public servants across this country are refusing to obey the mandates of their jobs. In  time we will look back and wonder what the fuss was about.
Do you remember how Chicken Little prophesied the end of the  world when women got front row seats in the military? Or when gays were allowed to serve openly? A huge big deal it was at the time and now its a big fat yawn.
Incidentally the city's rainbow crosswalks are looking rather worn out  just a few weeks since they were installed with much fanfare. They cost the city and the chamber two grand each but  in paying from them no one remembered to include periodic soap and water and a good stiff brush. 
Above we have gentrification gone mad and below we have the world's least comfortable sandals. I tried them once and decided to stick with versatile, weatherproof Crocs. I have a pair of actual, locally built Kino sandals which I use when I am traveling, especially by motorcycle as they pack flat. I find it quite extraordinary that there is an actual factory making the sandals in Old Town Key West. 
Kino manufacturing is decidedly not the rule. Most stuff on Duval is not anywhere near useful, outside the two convenience stores and a collection of bars and restaurants, cafes and wine tasting rooms if you are looking to eat or drink. Otherwise if you are planning on shopping you can count on art galleries, trinket shops, t-shirts and all that stuff. If you want a local souvenir the best place is the sunset celebration at Mallory Square and see what they have on offer. You might be surprised. 
Occasionally my hairy pig gets surprised and finds an unconsidered trifle for breakfast. Pizza rind is high on the list. In this case she found an individually wrapped (?) slice of bread. She wasn't going to let clingfilm plastic stop her and she tore like a wolf at her prey.
...trinkets, t-shirts mass produced souvenirs and discarded food in our overly abundant world. That's what you can find on Duval before the sun has properly come up and burnt everything and all tourists to a crisp.