Friday, November 1, 2019

No Loitering

The usual hot sunny morning in Old Town Key West with an hour to burn waiting for my wife's lunch break so i found myself looking for boats and water and sunshine scenery and landed instead in the middle of a Busy Place. People picking up mail...
...and dropping off mail. The air conditioned van looked good even though the docks in the marina were swept by a strong east wind which kept things bearable.
 I saw a beach dinghy forlorn and abandoned sitting by itself at the entrance to the Bight marinas. That's Turtle Kraals in the background. 
On the other side we find the Half Shell famous for oysters and fish and yet that was not enough to entice them to dive straight in. They paused and pondered their options. I would have said check Off the Hook round the corner but it was none of my business.
A man after my own heart taking his ease all by himself checking out the boats, the breeze, the turquoise waters. 
 And as he sat a couple came by just as tarpon came swimming into view. She lost her mind flapping around like she was on the set  of Jaws and she did like to draw attention to herself. 
 The cause of the disturbance which I photographed a few yards away after the fish lost interest in being stared at:
For everyone else life continued as normal, charter boats waiting for clients who wanted to go fishing (tarpon are catch and release game fish in case you were worried). Housekeeping under the sun:
I was having fun looking for a little irony to inject into my unplanned, unsupervised break: 
Requiem for a Dinghy I thought to myself as the pigeon flew away and the procession hove into view:
They were actually hauling it carefully out to the mother ship to put it back into service, neither dead not abandoned.
The sign offered no caveats for loitering even with a  camera so I took myself off for lunch before the police came and busted me.