Monday, May 13, 2013

Village Stroll

Shavers Lane, early morning and Cheyenne is ready to get her nose down.
This garish red building was once called Better Than Sex, a pudding shop that sold desserts labelled with nudge-and-wink sexual innuendos. It was successful here so they decided to move to the former Deli Restaurant at Truman and Simonton leaving this place to become a cheap breakfast joint. That didn't last and there are other plans now in the works I believe. We shall see.
Key West boasts Florida's oldest synagogue and the town's only Jewish restaurant seems to be doing quite nicely wedged in a quiet corner of Petronia. unlike Goldman's Deli this place makes no concessions to unclean goy food like bacon...fortunately my wife describes herself as a cultural Jew so I can raid the fridge at home if I get a bacon craving!
Floyd's Barber Shop has closed. Change is good, and that's what I keep telling myself. 
The crêpe place moved to Petronia from Duval Street after a fire took down the building next to the San Carlos ad they do land sale business here. You wouldn't know it from the picture but we were early, my Labrador and I, which explains the empty tables.
I am constantly surprised by the variations of colors and color combinations people use around Key West.
Check this out: another eatery hanging in there. Croissants De France is still operating on Duval and delivering pastries around town.
I am a big fan of air conditioning. I know it's much more suave to rely on nature's cooling but I do like my air. I've lived on a boat without air and I've dated women who thought air conditioning is the work of the devil but in my old age I like having a thermostat in my life. However using an elaborately shaded lamp to keep nature's air flowing is pretty suave.
It was cheap air developed after World War Two that opened mainland Florida to massive development which arguably was not a great thing. People lived just fine before air conditioning was developed but they knew no better! Hemingway pulled it off then went to Cuba when the road brought the outside world to Key West in 1938. His house is now a huge tourist attraction, ironically enough for a man who valued his privacy.
Old Key West is still there.
You just have to look.