Friday, April 13, 2012

Breakfast On Caroline

Caroline Street, the seven hundred block, in the morning, looking North.

And there it is on the right side looking pink as it has for as long as I can remember, Harpoon Harry's, offering breakfast lunch and dinner. I used to eat here quite frequently when I came ashore from my home anchored the harbor.

Since I started working nights a good few years ago breakfast became a noon time meal, at home, after I got up. So it was a rare treat to be in town around breakfast time, hungry and ready to scarf a jalapeƱo and cream cheese omelette. The spooky thing was Ron, the owner, remembered me from my past life. Restaurateurs really are a different breed of social animal, they forget no one.

Ron has been meeting and greeting customers, clearing tables and backing up his loyal staff for years. He still does it with every appearance of enthusiasm. I ducked my head and read the review of the Triumph Explorer in the latest Cycle World.

Outside those poor sods who took their dogs to breakfast (I was riding the Bonneville) sat on the convenient sidewalk which I suppose keeps the place dog friendly.

For those that prefer a different style of breakfast there is Pepe's Cafe down the street, the place that is always at the top of every visitor list of places to eat.

They have a shady leafy terrace to keep diners cheerful and waitresses with particular headgear.

Some people prefer to eat breakfast on the go and they might stop by the Cuban Coffee Queen hut which has almost no accommodation, forcing customers to sit elsewhere. The black banded coffee cups are distinctive, and the hut sells excellent food.

Further up Caroline is the more formal Coffee Plantation, with all the coffees, newspapers and comfortable seating.

It struck me there were quite a few breakfast options in such a small section of one single street in Key West.

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