Saturday, September 10, 2016

Rusty Meets Don Quixote

Elsewhere I write about my impressions of Ft Myers revitalized but this essay is about one aspect of that revitalization: public art. Not only was there an art show on the streets, but Rusty got turned on by it too.
It's a show strung out across Ft Myers' River District, the old town. Allure Your Senses LINK and it involves a lot of statuary. I liked it and found myself enjoying discovering the next piece. 
The funny part was Rusty's reaction. He seemed to be able to see the shapes of metal in the same way we do. A dog welded in metal looked like a dog to him. I was surprised.
However when we came to the snail, caracol in Spanish, we neither of us knew what to make of it until I read the description.
I mean, not to human or dog eyes does that look like a snail. Interesting though but not a literal rendering. Rusty sniffed and moved on.
Here's another dog but the dude surprised me. I am surprised the league of prudish women hadn't marched out to cover up the offending member. Ft Myers apparently has the capacity toi surprise us old stereotypers...
It was great fun spotting the statues and I know I didn't find them all.
This one nailed Rusty. He pulled back on the leash and wanted nothing to do with the horse. I walked up to it and banged it with my hand ut he wasn't convinced. He can definitely identify  three dimensional shapes.
No trust at all:
And the last picture I liked the most, it was the first statue I came across on or walk. Dominoes: