Thursday, June 11, 2020

Mangrove Walk

I had a socially distant lunch this week which was odd but very pleasant, seated at a alrge picnic table in my back yard, shaded, overlooking our bilious green canal. 
We talked about the virus of course and impacts on our lives and families and so forth. Gary noted I had been resorting to abstract photographs in the absence of human frailties to document. I suppose a pile of colorful broken tiles dumped in the wilderness to avoid a landfill fee might count as "abstract."
I am astonished by the stuff I have seen over the years dumped at trail heads and even deep down muddy trails far from paved roads. 
I know the location of a very rusty school bus, the engine here, the distinctive roof there settled into the bushes out of sight and out of mind. A car with those 1950s wings is rotting into the tree growing through its rust not a mile from US 1. There used to be a Volkswagen bus in the shrubs on Sugarloaf until someone with lots of effort and time removed the thing. Clean up is a permanent state of affairs I think.
I see construction waste too and sometimes the contents of what looks like a life, a roommate possibly who left town and abandoned belongings, who knows, and some  strange people dump the usual mattresses and appliances. 
I find it annoying as I like these wilderness spaces and don't feel that dumping garbage is good for anyone or anything especially as we have first rate collection services for trash and recycling.
As with all county services everything has to be in triplicate for the lower middle and upper Keys but there are dump stations with full recycling services in easy reach. And I don't find them expensive but I guess others disagree. Now that sewers are self contained after decades of struggle dumping trash no matter how colorful could stop you'd think.
But I am odd I know as I find beauty everywhere in these gnarly tangled woods. I don't find many other people extolling the beauty of mangroves but I find them fascinating and peaceful and all the more so for splashes of color.
To walk in the woods, even if not Walden Pond woods is to see whatever it is you are looking for, a splash of color perhaps.
But never a pile of rust or heaps of tiles no matter how colorful.