Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Key Largo Hammock

Kay Drive in Key Largo has a rather nice hardwood hammock located on it, just off Highway One.
It was hot as hades in there but Rusty liked the look of it so I let him wander off while I played with the camera.
 I was in Key Largo to have a dental implant started at the surgeon's but the pain medication hadn't worn off so while my wife wandered the nearby flea market I took Ruty off to commune with nature for a bit. And to sweat.
The flea market is apparently moving to anew home, luckily they have one as McDonald's will be putting some Golden Arches down at Highway One and Kay DRive. 
I hope they don't disturb this quiet little corner of woodland, known in south Florida as a hammock if it's a piece of dry land that  grows hardwood trees. 

 Rusty liked it. So did I.
Owing to the surgery and pain meds I was a passenger on the way home so we both slept on the back seat.