Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Not For The Squeamish

A friend sent me this picture taken on Flagler Avenue with an iPhone. What you cannot see is that this man in a fishnet dress is also prancing along the sidewalk in high heels.

This person has been seen here more than once which is odd not just because there is a church here but because there is also a school getting out.

I don't suppose there is anything illegal here, but really,what is the story I ask myself and why the display which might not raise too many eyebrows on Duvall but seems decidedly outré out here in New Town.
And what the hell is the point s/he's making?

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Writing On The Wall

Whitehead Street is full of historic spots where one can point the camera and record snippets of the past. The lighthouse keeper's home could be a case in point:

Strolling north toward the Hemingway home I noticed an immensely long had written novel affixed to a light pole. All this 19th century penmanship in an effort to find a cheap place to live. Give him a call I guess, if you can help a computer-illiterate writer and don't mind taking a chance on a stranger's character:

Driving has been going through an epidemic of seriously incompetent chauffeurs. I saw one car stop on Flagler Avenue and block the fast lane while the driver struggled trying to figure how to use the median's turn lane. Instead of shooting him (this is Florida) the other drivers sat patiently in line behind him as he puzzled it out. Similarly this car parked in the street while the occupants studied a map.

Yes, that is the travel lane but apparently it's okay to stop in the roadway wherever they are from. It must be, because these are the bad habits they bring to Key West city streets.

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Hemingway And The Dog

There was some slight tension on the leash as Cheyenne stopped to retrieve somebody's lost edible near the Hemingway House:

I needn't have worried because this couple took their time getting the shot just right while Cheyenne and I stood cheerfully and watched. The light was failing already and as a result my picture, taken with an impatient animal tugging, came out fuzzy...

And once again we have the mystery of the abandoned footwear:

And in case you are lost you can rely on a signpost to get you where you need to go. What else do you need in the Southernmost City?

Turning off Whitehead we passed this wreck,

...carefully labeled:

It is pretty amazing that in a town where dirt is anything but cheap that this sort of wasted space continues to be allowed to moulder away. Probably angry heirs or some such thing preventing development.

This place further up Catherine was finally open, even though there was a "closed" as well as open" sign outside. The Tomasitas were there and that is the first time i've been by and seen them out there actually selling fish. I was too shy to take their picture.

Which brought me to this phenomenon, quarters glued on the sidewalk. Perhaps the idea is to watch strangers bend down and try to enrich themselves twenty five cents at a time. Cheyenne and I didn't bite.

I am very fond of specialty license tags as they are much easier to read and memorize by members of the public when they call the police about, say a hit and run.

As for the palm stenciled on the trunk I'm not sure but reality is often rather better it seems to me:

Try painting an image of all that tropical lushness on the trunk of your car.

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