Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Citizens Voice

Oh look at that would you - a cruise ship - which is either a curse or a source of income or both depending on your point of view. And if you have a point of view there is only one place to express it, in Key West.

And once expressed anonymously in the paper your comment is subject to anonymous review, by other people with their own opinions...


Some comments are funny or ironic or sarcastic on purpose, others may strike your fancy for reasons that apply only to you. I like the notion that the bike racks are useful for people heavily engaged in yoga. But that's the kind of opinion that divides a city where workers work and visitors have different priorities. All grist for the Voice's mill.

Ah yes, the monied crowd taking over the spaces envisioned for the Rest Of Us. That theme keeps recurring in this narrow and pointed page two column in the daily paper.

Ooh, see why this has to be anonymous? The rich in Key West may not be educated. There's a barb!

This year there were a lot of people who came to Fantasy Fest by bus and left by bus with their food and their coolers. So much so not all hotels were full they tell us. This scenario is what irks some people about cruise ships and now the buses are adding weight to that irritation.
Noise comes up in one form or another in the Voice, motorcycles (I have factory mufflers on mine thanks, stealth = speed in my book) outdoor televisions and rental house parties are sources of anonymous complaint.
If you were thinking living in a confined space with people not yet acclimated to tight living quarters might be fun, perhaps checking the Voice daily might be a good lesson for you. I've lived on boats long enough to learn the basic rules of privacy in exposed living quarters and Conchs are pretty good at it too. But incomers who expect offsets and room to spread out can be sorely disappointed.

"A classier town..." I want to ask Anonymous to define her terms because a lot of people who live here crank up the Model T to go Up North to find proper shopping in malls. This comment below made no sense to me (hence it's inclusion here) but that doesn't mean a thing. The Voice is the Voice and the best thing is it irritates some people to death. Calls to shut down the Voice appear from time to time especially when the comfortable have been afflicted by something said.

I can't think of anywhere that looks less like a giant shopping structure filled to capacity with artificial sights, sounds and merchandise.
Politics rears its head from time to time in the Voice, but unfortunately its usually along predictable partisan lines. This comment "at the risk of sounding liberal" struck me as pretty funny. I guess the conservative half is the beer pong half? You know where I fall as I have no idea what beer pong is.

Or, rather than paying to park why not ride two wheels.

Oh wait, how about this comment? A liberal bastion of boredom? Boredom and politics mixed together. Shall we get personal and decide if liberal bastions are more boring than conservative ones? Packs of phonies we can all agree on, I hope, as it's Key West we are talking about.

Check out the comment above...length of service in Key West is always a precursor to a snobby elitist remark about some damned thing or another. EXCEPT in this case I vote the county deny the race a permit. But I doubt that will happen.

Well said!

However part of getting and having a life is a well honed sense of civic duty...which includes speaking out! Long live the Citizens Voice.

Ah, the intimacies of small town life. Good job Dana and don't forget next week Mr Cranky might be in the post office ready to slander your good name just as cheerfully. Sic transit Gloria Mundi....

I assure you it's like they say about economists, if you put them all end to end they'd still never reach a conclusion. But it's always the best read in the paper. Now if they could put a humorist back on the crime report, à la Tuell, that would make for real competition when you open the page.