Monday, October 26, 2009

More Goombay People

I ran my first series of picture about Goombay two days ago on Saturday morning. Friday evening I walked the few blocks from Duval to Emma Streets on Petronia and with no effort at all I snagged more than three dozen pictures I wanted to put upon my blog. My colleague Paula despises Goombay saying it isn't Caribbean at all, and indeed there is a whole bunch of food from a whole bunch of ethnicities. Like that's a bad thing?The choices are dazzling:Paula's other complaint is that the arts and crafts on sale are the same as every other street fair. Which, for all I know, may well be true but this is my favorite event downtown and I am here for the food and to meet friends who also show up at this very easy going, fully clothed gathering.Buffalo Bill was visiting from the Canadian border and enjoying the summer, the music, the beer and just being in Key West. It was hot work churning out food for the masses:
And drink was taken, copiously:These are some of the objects for sale, and surprisingly enough my wife didn't dive for an earring or two, her favorite adornments. This young woman seemed to be thinking hard about it:
This must be the right time and place to let one's hair down. I'll bet she is rarely seen in public with a balloon around her neck:
I know it sounds odd but this looks more like a garden chore to me, cleaning up my coconuts rather than preparing a delicious tropical drink based on coconut milk:
Next week it's the adults' turn and it's probably just as well the little dears won't know the half of it:The seductive power of something or other:Faced with a choice between alligator and crayfish at the Louisiana food stand the wife and I selected crayfish puffs which look like Conch (pronounced"konk") fritters and had a nice touch of heat as one would expect from this regional cuisine:Bill and Diana wanted to try the alligator so my wife and I were forced to agree to taste dinosaur for the first time.It wasn't at all bad actually and the meat did have the same texture as chicken, even though it is actually dinosaur you are eating.
I have no idea who the singer was on the grandstand at Emma Street but it was a great sound, and even sounded vaguely in tune with the supposed Goombay theme, which is to hang out on Petronia Street and have a good time. I'm all for it.