Friday, September 10, 2021

Dark Walk

Even at five in the morning it's hot so my  pre-dawn trips already circumscribed by lots of overtime have fallen away slightly. But look at what I find when I'm out watching Rusty sniff a nearby shrub. 
The one above was a slightly bizarre take on a some air vents on a common-or-garden air vent on an electrical box and below I spotted some stripy shadows on a  line of jet skis.  I thought they looked  pretty good.
Greene Street a few seconds after a scooter passed me by and I stood there thinking how quiet and easy it is to get around Key West at this hour. It reminds me of lock down, and then I think of the hope the vaccine brought, dashed by the anti vaxxers and the inevitable appearance of the Delta variant, transmitted even by the vaccinated who can become carriers. 
How have we become so uneducated, so prey to snake oil salemen and public liars? A colleague of mine with barely a high school diploma to her name says she wants to understand the vaccine better before she takes it. I am on my way out so I keep my peace (and my mask on my face) but I want to ask her how long does she expect to take to get her PhD in virology to reassure herself of the vaccine's value?
My last official day is October 2nd and I am on leave now so all the issues of working twelve hours a day in a room with idiots is over. it's just that the business of packing and moving is actually quite dull and a walk with a  camera is still a welcome relief.
Kermit the Key Lime Pie artist.  I wonder how far across the world has Key Lime Pie gone? I shall have to investigate.
Shopping reflections at Yours and Mayan.
Were I a smoker I might do my reflections like this.
As it is I don't...