Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Tutu Tuesday

Tutu Tuesday wrapped up, so to speak, with a pleasant street party which I could not attend for long as my shift started in the middle night. I have to say it wasn't the drunken crowd I expected, everyone was cheerful and havinga good time. I quite enjoyed my short walk.

 For some it's business as usual on Duval taking advantage of the crowds.
The street was closed for a while and people took advantage to enjoy the open space and get their pictures taken and socialize.
 Tutus for all! Illuminated ones too.

Working Fantasies

One part of Fantasy Fest that I do like is when locals join in the saturnalia simply for fun and silliness. From Facebook this picture of postal workers celebrating tutu Tuesday. Who wouldn't want to get their mail delivered in a tutu for a change?

Dark Sky Drama

The weather forecast for Fantasy Fest week is pretty close to perfect, as long as you like sunshine and heat. These pictures I took last week with the cold front in the offing and gray skies rolling over Key West. I doubt it's absolutely the last of the summer thunderstorm drama but the air has definitely changed and we are sliding away from humidity  and heavy still air to a crisper frame of mind.

Cheyenne has noticed it too and she seems a little perkier though its still hot during the day.