Friday, September 9, 2016

Short Lived Vespa

I rode my restored Vespa to get a haircut in Big Pine Key and the scooter ran better than I have ever seen it run. It was strong and full of acceleration. Exciting!
I rode into Key West later in the day and the motor went ping! and seized solid. I was doing fifty miles an hour at the time coming in to Stock Island. I coasted to a stop and called a cab to get me to my destination.
I walked the last part to my destination and passed a few things of interest.
I was already missing my 1979 scooter so this 100cc four speed Pagsta looked pretty good, even half undressed like that:
Some people like their women paid for an undressed and this form of mobile advertising for the strip club on Duval Street annoys some people in town. They used to park where the cruise ship tourists came ashore blocking parking for other businesses and they caused outrage. 
You can rent naked women to dance with you (no sex please we are a no prostitution state which surprises some tourists in this place) or ou could spent far less money and rent wheels to get around town. Brightly colored wheels too:
Walking Rusty at Truman Waterfront we saw increasingly frenzied signs of construction:
But some things never change, at least not yet:
I drove the broken Vespa back to the shop, a 17 hour round trip. The mechanic was apologetic and promised a repair better than ever and likely to last longer than 25 miles. I feel jinxed by this Vespa.
I am ever the optimist. This time it will work. Guaranteed.