Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Old Town Grocer

It seems a fire has wrecked this place, 4/11/2015.  I am distraught, though I doubt hardly a smidgen compared to the owners whose enterprise was full of promise.

What possessed this nice young couple (she is out of the frame) to open a small store on Whitehead Street I don't know, but I'm very glad they did.
It's an unassuming store front with a large menu board with sandwiches and Cuban coffee on offer. Inside it is much larger than you'd expect, "a work in progress" we were told that is grounded in quality foods and flavors judging by what's on the shelves.
We hit the specials for lunch, and I got shepherds pie, apparently very popular and I can see why. They use the original receipe with ground beef (lamb is not an American favorite) with peas carrots and toasted mash potatoes on top. There's nothing fancy here or any appeal to hip young tastes. It's honest grub well done.
The gumbo had plenty of properly cooked shrimp, okra that was miraculously textured and not slimy, hot and spicy but again done right. This isn't a flashy dish trying to convince you burning heat is hip and therefore good. It was just well spiced and full of flavor. It came with a side of rice which we didn't need. We got more good overall than we needed but it was too good to waste any of it.
They sell beer and wine, of the latter I could shop here and be happy, Guinness, Blue Moon, Yuengling, a variety of all sorts of decent beers. You can't drink inside with your meal - we ate informally at the couch across from the counter- it was cool and pleasant. Outside it was trying to be summer.
Old Town Grocer - what a find! The movie we went to see was selected by my wife and it turned out to be an Argentine film of rare writing and exquisite fun. A series of short films not connected appeared on the screen in quick succession. Each one told a wild story of human stupidity, or madness or rage; each one left a last impression.
Wild Tales, well worth a view.