Saturday, September 21, 2019

KOA Reconstruction

We walked across the footbridge/bicycle path/fishing pier that connects Cudjoe Key to Sugarloaf Key. The view from the bridge can be spectacular and sometimes Rusty doesn't mind walking the half mile across the water. 
The other thing you can see is the KOA Kampground on the Sugarloaf shore and I use the term campground loosely as it got wrecked in Hurricane Irma two years ago and is still looking the worse for it. Machinery and construction workers have only been working there for a couple of weeks and progress is not brilliant.
I have taken the time on this page to point out that hurricanes in the US are rarely fatal but they are tedious. Living through the cacophony of howling winds and flying debris is bad enough but when things calm down the survivors discover they live in a lunar landscape devoid of amenity and convenience. Everything is messy and slow and difficult.
Then long after the immediate Facebook drama ("thoughts and prayers") has dissipated the clean up plods along. Some other fiasco of no great consequence or impact is put up as a banner headline and last week's heroic hurricane survivors are now history. Yet they still have to pick up the trash and figure out how to flush waterless toilets and wait patiently among the mosquitoes for the power to return... And in some cases hope that soon their campgrounds will reopen.
And that's not the worst of it. I know of people whose homes are still damaged from Hurricane Irma and the struggle for redress by insurance companies continues. God knows how the Bahamians will fare in their reduced economy on their isolated islands.
We meanwhile, we lucky few continue our daily lives on and off the water. Fishing line dangling complete with victim off the power lines. You see this everywhere among our islands:
And as we walked I took a few pictures of clouds and sea and skies and put the results through a filter on my phone to exaggerate the drama. It is I feel the way everyone likes to live on the Web, vicariously with drama!
 Some of the effects are more subtle:
 This one untouched:
 This grainy painting started out as an unremarkable low key digital image:
 Looking north across the main highway bridge:
It was getting warm for Rusty so after a companionable pause we walked back across the bridge in the rising sun. I was surprised he enjoyed the bridge as much as he did.