Sunday, July 1, 2012

Flowers Leaves And Fruit

It's long overdue but I went out with my camera and took a few pictures of the plants around my house. These are a form of blackberry and are delicious.

I am fond of bananas but this little tree has a way to go before it will produce fruit. We rely on the kindness of friends at this time of year to produce locally grown bananas.

I've picked three ripe figs off the little fig tree. They are so soft and succulent I eat them skin and all. Which is why there were none left to photograph.

Avocado grown from a nut in a fruit I ate:

There is a certain satisfaction seeing all these plants sprouting leaves and fruit everywhere.

I've already harvested two ripe pineapples from my bushes with more to come.

This tree, below, I have grown from a seed I found in a piece of jack fruit purchased and eaten at Fairchild Botanical Gardens in Miami. I started with three and two died but this one has flourished.

More avocados but no fruit in sight.

My 800 square foot stilt house is buried in a jungle of plants, overseen by mature coconut trees.

One day I hope to harvest a custard apple, my favorite fruit, from this little shrub:

Cheyenne likes t stretch out in her grass box, a little the worse for wear, while I sit in the chair set up under the gumbo limbo. At night especially it's like sitting out in a forest.

Mangoes are showing up in ever greater numbers on my little potted tree:

They are looking good.

I ate one a little prematurely because it was infiltrated by insects and going bad. It tasted excellent, surprisingly considering how green it was.

I'm growing a new piece of frangipani that fell off the main tree.

Frangipani grows easily the say, like gumbo limbo, just stick it in the ground and up it comes. We shall see.

This one started as a naked branch stuck in a pot and it's doing nicely, as seen in the yellow blooms above.

The house is small enough that there is enough offset around the building to allow lots of greenery.

These bushes at the front are yielding flowers and fruit. I keep finding fragile ripe mulberries dangling off the little tree.

They stain my fingers and taste delicious, slightly tart and fresh.

It's all decoration with vines creeping everywhere can get them to grow.

It's a refuge from the glare of the sunshine outside, though in wonder what happens to these plants in the event we get hit by a hurricane in the summer...

My motorcycle is comfortably in the shade... is my dog. Cheyenne loves the cement floor under the house.

This is how she supervises my gardening efforts.

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