Saturday, October 3, 2015

Sitting With Roxie

Luckily I like dogs; and I say luckily because my neighbor needed his dog sat. Say hi to Roxie:

I felt a bit weird walking a dog on a leash around my house. Cheyenne wouldn't be seen dead not being trusted around her home but I was not keen to lose this little tyke who was in my trust.

I loaded Roxie into the car, much excitement, for a ride to the Big Pine Bark Park.

She had a grand time sniffing and running. Cheyenne was blissfully unaware of my treason - she was home sleeping off a hot muggy afternoon as is her won't in her 14th year of life. Young Roxie had a blast.
Watson Trail, Key Deer refuge, Big Pine Key.


I took her home for a while and Cheyenne was not terribly impressed.

I closed the dog door to prevent the intruder from escaping.

Sitting still wasn't in the cards for the overstimulated Roxie and after a while she ran to the front door and I figured it was time to take her home for the night.

It was fun having a young small dog around for a little while, but like visiting grand kids I was glad to relinquish my duties and return to companionable silence with my under stimulated Labrador.