Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Eanes Lane

MadJack (Above Solaris Hill) wanted obscure lanes (all gathered in one place- ha! not bloody likely at this late stage...) and here I have my entry for among the most obscure. Eanes Lane (pronounce it how you will, something like "innes" is the best I can come up with and police officers on their rounds mangle it much worse than that) lies between Whitehead Street to the west......and Duval Street to the Truman Avenue. This lane is obscure enough there isn't even a city street name attached to the pole anymore and I suspect, judging by the calligraphy the blue sign that is on the pole was put there by the owners of the Inn which is bang at the end of the street shrouded by trees and practically invisible. To find Andrews Inn is an act of faith. To park on this lane is an act of foolishness:And even for residents the on street parking situation appears to be a squeeze, though it may just be in this case that the bush is alive, I tell you, and hungry:I'm not at all sure how effective an over sized lace doily is as a sunshade but it sure looks cute on this Fiat Spyder: This sign says no parking in driveway but I suppose a bicycle can get away with it:Personally I'd rather keep a valuable car out of the sun than my useless junque, but I am frequently not heeded on that point:And long before my boat grows ivy I hope it will be long gone from my life:And I cannot imagine who it is that thinks that their home is enhanced by a sign flapping in the breeze over their cute little porch. Has any sober person ever mistaken a porch for a public park? While I was standing there contemplating the vagaries of human nature I observed a camera laden tourist behaving as a person should with a camera, photographing something cute: And so I close this essay with a panorama of a lane whose length encompasses hardly a block:Not necessarily pretty but certainly obscure.