Saturday, June 30, 2012

Deer Cudjoe

I took Cheyenne to the Spain Boulevard for an evening walk and noticed this sign for the first time. I wondered if I just hadn't noticed it previously, but I was sure it was new.

The date on the back from Monroe County Public Works was December last year so it is as new as it looks. Why the fascination? I knew key deer have been seen on the Torch Keys but I had no idea they have made it this far from Big Pine. Can it be true?

I like this spot, especially in summer when most of the residents and traffic are gone Up North.

Cheyenne rooted around as usual and stuck to the shady bits as ninety degrees is a bit warm for a small dog in a heavy fur coat.

The newspaper has carried a lot of comments from people outraged by idiots running their dogs on baking sidewalks in this weather. I know there are lots of imbeciles out there and some poor dogs have to suffer their stupidity.

Cheyenne is in honorable retirement with me, and she gets to do what she wants. While she did that I checked out the foliage.

Sea grapes Promising a nice harvest this summer. I really enjoy the fruit on my trees at my home, the grapes that the birds don't eat first and now I've also read about an infusion you can make with the leaves which apparently is a cure-all for whatever ails you. I'll have to try making sea grape tea when I'm bored this summer. What the leaves below are, I have no idea. As usual.

Someone made a doggy gesture in the little park once upon a time, but the drinking water bowl seems to have been dry for a while.

A happy dog in retirement looks like this.

And not a key deer in sight.

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