Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Sunrise And Shadows

Rusty went walkabout in the mangroves so I took the time to watch the sun rise. 
I had had a particularly hard night at work and it was pleasant to feel the cool morning air and watch the sun come up over the trees in  a place where there was no one else.
A Key deer popped out of the bushes and stood in the road for a a bit looking thoughtful. Slowly it meandered away and survived without meeting a  car. 
They have at last blocked off the trail closing the backwoods to people driving out camping and making a trail of trash. Rusty and I come and leave footprints and take photographs. 
In my pursuit of the answer to the question: why is black and white photography so fascinating I like to revert to full color to remind myself of the reality of a place. This is poisonwood: touch it and you get a poison oak-like rash. 
With a  lifting hook this huge block of cement could be moved to re-open the trail. I hope they don't. 
Rusty was muddy and wet and happy. I had my pictures. We went home.