Monday, September 26, 2016

Simonton Beach

I look in the archives and I've been back to Simonton Beach quite a few times and I expect I will be going there again in the future. It's not a big beach, just a block wide but it is quite pleasant. 
Rusty was happy to take a break there from our downtown walk, watching the world go by, front legs neatly crossed as always: 
Cheyenne used to enjoy a dip when we came by, and I still miss my old Labrador from time to time and she died last February 12th so it's been a while already.
I look at Simonton Beach and it occurs to me there is more parking than sand here and that includes spaces to park cars and trailers as there is technically a lunch ramp here.
 The signboard has the least number of rules of any park I've ever seen.
 It is a  small chunk of public land wedged between  tall hotel buildings but the views are quite scenic. Here Christmas Tree Island has its own private cloud:
 And the  mirror flat waters of Key West Harbor get cut up from time to time by a passing wake:
It's nice to see a family enjoying the sand. And don't ignore the bar and restaurant (and restrooms) in the background: Lagerheads. I keep forgetting to try it out when I plan lunch downtown and I'm an idiot for not getting there.
There used to be  a homeless problem at Simonton Beach as you can see from an earlier picture:
There are boats are anchored out across the harbor and some of them park their dinghies at Key West Bight while a few pull up on Simonton Beach.
It's a bit of a public spot to leave anything of value  lying around so dinghies here tend to have human power rather than outboards. This is also the spot where people launch boats but its pretty sandy so they need a bit of oomph to get anything bigger than a jet ski in and out.
Its a nicer spot than you'd expect in downtown Key West and it's as free as you like.
We all like Simonton Beach. I am very glad to have Rusty in my life but I'd give a lot to hug her one more time, my curmudgeonly Cheyenne.