Friday, January 4, 2019

Stock Island Brunch

It is the opinion of my wife that the brunch served at Stock Island's Perry Hotel is well worth it if you like seafood. She took on board quantities of shrimp, raw tuna oysters and ceviche as well as a couple of vodka drinks for her fifty bucks and she came  away happy.

It's quite the hotel is the Perry located on Shrimp Road a street noted for it's light industrial grime and dust, now gradually being overcome by the Village Marina a modern facility with all conveniences including a dog park. 

As you can see the Perry Hotel is quite the facility, modern bright and genteel, one of a number of hotels and clubs that are sprouting on Stock Island between the trailer parks and plumbers and auto body repair shops. This is clearly the future.

Do not wear red pants if you come to brunch here lest you be mistaken for the staff, who flit about replenishing the cakes and breads and hot eggs and bacon and sausages and gravy along with the fist and dessert cakes and so forth. 

Modern industrial chic is the theme and you can sit outside if you make a reservation two weeks in advance. This place, properly known as Matt's Stock Island Kitchen at the Perry Hotel, is popular. 

I opted for the alcohol free menu with no small plates for $39 and I had all the food I needed. Drinking in the middle of the day makes me sleepy and these days as my bones continue to heal I have little resistance to start with so I drove and drank their excellent coffee, strong but not bitter. Better yet they imitate IHOP and put a thermos of the stuff on your table. Excellent.

I thought the pork belly taco looked a bit robust but my wife pronounced it excellent. I had bacon which was not properly crisp in the American style so I wished I'd had more sausages which were perfect. The scrambled eggs were fine but I didn't spot the hot sauces on their own table, not on mine. 

The grilled chicken small plate was okay as was the quiche which tasted she said more like a souffle. In the end the bisque and the taco were her favorites and I thought the French toast looked pretty good as it was whisked by to another table.

I love gooey cakes for my sweet tooth so I followed my traditional breakfast plate with a few of those and a not tart enough lemon tart. 

We will go back and I think next time I'd like to explore the offerings a bit more thoroughly. The trouble with the buffet is you only know what you liked after you've had it. Which makes selecting food complicated. In many respects I prefer ordering a dish and eating it but I am not the one pressing for the brunch outings in my family. 

If gentrification is inevitable and I think it very much is on Stock Island it may as well come this way so we plebs will get some small reason to stick our noses under the tent flap.