Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wong Song Alley

Wong Song Alley. An evocative name no? So evocative drunken louts keep stealing the street sign that marks this downtown backwater. Actually Wong Song is downtown only if you have the fortitude to tear yourself away from Duval Street for long enough to trudge up Truman almost to the Japanese restaurant that I thought my wife liked and which she says may or may not be the case because she's never actually eaten there. Every time I mention my wife in connection with Kyushu I mean somewhere else ( I am not overly fond of raw fish so she tends to eat it with friends which is doubtless what friends are for).Somewhere opposite Kyushu and the Azur guesthouse there is a narrow opening next to a large building that has been converted to apartments:A super deal indeed. You can either buy half of Vallejo California, recently gone bankrupt, or a two bedroom manky little condo on one of the noisiest streets in Key West. Economic crisis means something different in the southernmost city, a place of different realities. However this is also the town where people balls up everything by being inconsiderate, like this Navy brat using his out sized penis substitute to block the alley entrance:So the obligatory Trumpet picture looks a bit skewed. (Squealing off camera Omigod I can't work like this!)Beyond it's irresistible allure as a place to dump large vehicles Wong Song is delightfully rural and unmaintained, a walk in the woods as it were:Lo and behold more coral rock, or is it limestone:Being blessed with a shorter stature I wanted to hold my camera on top of the wall and find out what was inside but I feared that doing so would end up being so fascinating i couldn't resist publishing the results here. Either that or it would so boring and bourgeois behind the secret wall I would fade away from disappointment. So I photographed the horse's head instead:They write children's books about places like this. these days instead I discovered young 'uns have to wear protective head gear and walk around looking a tad unbalanced instead of flying with their imaginations:They were on Virginia Street at the other end of the alley and this one was getting into the spirit of the secret garden:They were playing near the landmark that can be found at the Virginia street end of the unmarked alley:Back in the alley I found not much architecturally to capture my imagination after the rock wall got me lost in flights of fantasy:And the immensely practical wooden fence which is what I'd like around my own home to keep hoi-polloi out. Which as my wife points out frequently, isn't really a problem for us:But this being Key west there are intruders everywhere:He didn't take kindly to having his picture taken so he ran off, squeezing past the giant vehicle and he disappeared down Truman Avenue. It was a splendid example so I promptly followed suit.