Monday, July 23, 2012

Fleming Under The Sun

Look at that, standing under an awning looking out at an empty summer sidewalk, bright sunlight, dark shadows and not a sound to break the hot still air. Lovely.

The William Fleming House always a rock solid symbol of stability and permanence in a city known for continuous change.

The awning gave cover looking down Fleming Street too, which was nice as the heat was quite severe for a small dog in a thick fur coat.

It's all shadows and light under the palms, as it should be in a tropical summer.

My colleagues at work were looking very hang dog the other night. Conch Republic Liquors on the Boulevard is closing.

Conch Republic has been staffed for as long as I can remember by people who know their booze and love to stock weird brands and off beat alcohol. Want a beer but want to try something bizarre and never previously sampled? Conch Republic was the answer.

New rums become fashionable and at the end of the road my young colleagues like to be fashion conscious. Conch Republic Liquors kept them up to speed.

Change is inevitable, Cheyenne keeps reminding me as she plods her way to a more shapely girlish figure.

Nothing is permanent under the sun, not even Key West we are told if the ocean keeps rising at it's current rate. I expect Cheyenne and I and quite likely you, will be dead by then. Conch Republic Liquors is gone already. Oh well.

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