Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Talk Like A Pirate

You have to wonder at the vision and determination of the people who carved up the mangroves, blew holes in the rocks and created this:These developments came from the unpromising land I walk with my dog and illustrate in these pages: mangroves, pines, mud and salt puddles. And now, half a century later the postal service delivers six days a week, year round (long may Saturday delivery last!).I cannot fault them for their enterprise, else I would still be living in the fog and damp of Monterey Bay, but whoever decided to name these subdivisions had their eyes on the marketing aspects I suspect. Me? I would be embarrassed to label my letters with an address on a piratically themed street, however there was never any danger of that. During the boom years these were high priced homes and big houses at that by local standards. I was lucky to find a 700 square foot stilt house on a street as innocuously named as "Indies." Cutthroat Drive and Pegleg Lane would have me saying "Argh! Me hearties!" all day long and it would get tiresome.Nice homes though in a quiet neighborhood and Cudjoe Key despite the silly street names is as nice an island as any.
If you have a house on the south shore, along Jolly Roger Drive (I kid you not!) you get magnificent views toward Cuba: Just in case you were wondering Cheyenne was at home sulking as I rode the aforementioned Jolly Roger theme'd sub division:
See, I was serious:
This is what it looks like in summer, only more so. For a few glorious weeks it's hot and empty, then school gets out and boats start to criss cross the channels again. This has been a long winter for us all east of the Rockies (in Vancouver all summers are long winters).
This is not 700 square feet of house, trust me:
This house stained some dark color looked quite distinctive among the pastel and white washed homes littering, Blackbeard, Buccaneer and Privateer Drives. Argh, me hearties! (Told you so).
I am going to try to persuade my wife we need a cement wall coated in limestone or stuff like this around our house, to repel boarders naturally.
This is what it looks like with the camera on automatic exposure.
Can it be a pirate? A palm tree? Or is it just a Bonneville?
You don't need to go to Disneyland to see pirates of the Caribbean in action.
Argh, me hearties!

Enough of that.