Wednesday, April 22, 2020

The Beaches

Checking the sign below you'll notice that Higgs beach is owned by Monroe County even though it is surrounded on all sides by the City of Key West. The signs are clear and the beach is empty. 
There are a few people wandering around keeping proper distances from each other and enjoying some fresh air and exercise.
The chickens are there of course which is not surprising as they live there and are enjoying a relatively human-free life which I dare say involves seeing fewer scraps too.
The African cemetery is open. That's the monument to the slave ship detained en route to Havana whose unhappy human cargo was rescued and brought to Key West where many died and others were shipped back to an uncertain fate in West Africa.
 For some, beach restrictions don't hold them back, for they are on the high seas:
 For others the most you can get is a perch from which to admire the waves and turquoise waters:
 Children's playground: as empty as if it were 4 am.
 Passersby on foot and on wheels and not very many of either.
Smathers Beach had a few souls littering its vast expanse but they were not exactly bunched up crowds. It looked more like a handful of local unemployed enjoying for once what so many come to Florida to vacation on: golden sand.
Miles of emptiness even in a  town as small as Key West. Closed to outsiders and living with remarkably little confirmed coronavirus. I wonder if possibly isolation actually does work like the scientists told us?