Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Galleon Resort

For some, it's a home away from home.

My wife came out here with some friends last week and discovered a new, to her, and better, to her, place to view the mythical endless Key West sunset.

GarytheTourist showed me the view from the rooms up here and it is quite spectacular.

The Pier House seems to have reopened up the street after the management change that led to the whole place going through a moment of turmoil, but the resorts that were built after the Pier House seem like rocks of stability by comparison.

The cruise ship debate continues as fiercely as ever as the city plans to ask the voters this Fall to approve a study to widen (or dredge) the ship channel to allow for the biggest cruise ships to dock. I wasn't here when the Ke West waterfront started its transformation. I remember the rather tired look of Mallory Square in the early 80s and I suppose the construction of giant hotels could be seen to bring money and jobs in their wake, of course. Such arguments are hard to sustain in support of he cruise ship industry which is by definition self contained.

To see Front Street like this, empty, you need to come by relatively early in the morning. It's the romantic view of Key West, hot, bright, quiet and out of season. In fact Key West is hardly ever out of season. Tomorrow is Memorial Day and like every holiday in our Republic these days, the point of the 'holy day' seems to get lost in the welter of food, drink, sports (observed, not participated in) and a sense of relief for a day off work (not me, my shift works tonight!). Memorial Day? Burgers, bunting and beer. Woo-hoo!

It seems a bit old fashioned and anti-business does it not to actually take a day off? Certainly not in a town that lives and dies by celebrating absolutely everything, any time, and by such means turn another buck.

I shall spare a thought for the meaning of the day as I shuffle around and get ready for work. A gratuitous dog picture is included to lighten the mood.