Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Contemplating The Bight To William

I didn't do a very good job of spotting old friends chatting. The idea is there but then woman in the straw hat didn't really, have a tree for a face. I hope one day to grow old and calm enough to spend an afternoon sitting around talking in the public space at Key West Bight while ignoring all the bustle around me.

Cheyenne does a good job of ignoring all the noise of daily life. She ignores signs too when it's important to her.

I spend I am sure altogether too much time at the architecture.

I know I have spent far too many pixels photographing the Peace and Prayer church at Fleming and William. Seen here from the William Street side, it's a church with battlements.

A pick up truck bed loaded with the essentials of Key West life, beer and gasoline containers, yet unmolested. I could only believe they were empty.

I remain fascinated by the art deco former gas station. It was Chodzin Roofing for a while until Chodzin decided on the spur of the moment to favor his back over his business.

Now it seems firmly established as the Eaton Street source for fresh fish.

And the lovely clock hints at another purpose for this landmark.

Too much walking and too little contemplating requires a breather.

Cheyenne is feeling the heat already. Aren't we all...

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