Monday, February 1, 2021

Altered States

It was a funny moment when I looked at this picture on my computer and asked myself: where is this?  It could be a Sarajevo back street, or a customs warehouse in Puerto Corinto, but in point of fact it's an alley a stone's throw from Captain Tony's bar.  It doesn't really look like Key West does it?
It's a funny little town, built on trade and shipping and a splendid climate and those features of life in Key West continue. Of course there isn't wrecking going on as there once was, that strange practice of rescuing cargo from sinking ships but trade is as important as ever, no matter  what the hurdles:
Its a  source of wonder to me that these little stores can make a living and this winter has seen far fewer visitors at least to my eyes. 
I have to admit I'm counting down the days to Easter a variable date which combined with meting snows indicates when the high season of packed roads is over. This year that date falls at the beginning of April so two more months of snowbirds. That seems doable. 
The thing is when you aren't dining out, there are no movies, no concerts and no plays what does any of it matter? Commuting is a little restricted but not by much, listen to the radio, play a podcast and you're home. There haven't even been the usual crop of road blocking fatalities on Highway One this winter, so far.
It's the paradox of living in a highly touted tourist town: it's nicest at it's emptiest and this year continues to be oddly empty. That virus, when will it ever end?