Saturday, October 11, 2014

Taking A Bite Out Of Apple

I don't know why I upgraded my mini iPad to iOS8 in retrospect, but I remember thinking that if I didn't do the damned upgrade that little number one would be sitting there on my screen like a nagging teacher telling me to get with the program every time I opened my portable world of computing. So I upgraded without thinking about it too much. Until my mini iPad stopped working. I called Apple Tech, I downloaded iTunes to my wife's laptop, I backed up the iPad and scrubbed it etc... and still it was working like an Old World dial up signal. In desperation I took it to Keys Technology to see what they might do. As you can see they do a land sale business fixing broken portable gadgets and their vulnerable screens. I told her she looked like a watchmaker.
My mini iPad, which is how I do all my computing these days went into the abyss in back. They scrubbed and backed up and nothing worked. I read my Kindle on my phone and hoped for the best. People came and went including a group of young people who put the fear of God into me but were remarkably well behaved. I generally find Key West youngsters of all ages to be unusually polite. Perhaps my beard intimidates them because not everyone agrees with my assessment of local modern youth. 
No luck; my iPad is screwed by iOS8.2 Thank you Apple. Disconsolate I went home and in desperation scrubbed one more time and instead of using the backed up stuff I rebuilt the mini iPad myself as I only use half a dozen apps anyway, including Blogsy which I use to blog on my iPad; quick and efficient it is too. Somehow that final reboot helped quite a bit and now most of the time the iPad only hesitates slightly. And then sometimes it refuses to open a page. It looks like I'll have to replace it with another refurbished mini sold by Apple for $219. Grr. I don't use an iPad with built in wireless as I have a phone hot spot for cheap and most of the time I run it at home anyway. So I suppose I could be out more money but this upgrade stuff has me pissed off, and a lot of people have been far more damaged by this upgrade. Next weekend I will be on the mainland and my wife plans to stop by an Apple store and try to shame them into a discount for screwing up my perfectly good mini iPad 2. They had better get their flame retardant outfits on as she is pissed off.
I took the picture above as I sat in their excruciatingly uncomfortable, but modern looking chairs, and I was struck by the old fashioned commuter vehicle parked among all the high tech machinery. A bicycle at least doesn't get tripped up by a stupid operating system.